Back in 1998...

That's how it all started

Every story has a kick-off. About DÍAS DE JUVENTUD it was the scraps written in a fanzine called GaZmuZ (formerly HOKUS POKUS) back in the year 1991.

In Nigrán (Pontevedra), heart of the Val Miñor, a bunch of young skaters began to listen HardcorePunk. It was a time when people from different places came to skate at the miniramp of Terra Meiga and the fast, melodic and powerful music was heard to the rhythm of ollies, flips and falls seasoned with blood and a lot of sweat.

Cassette tapes rolled as if they were cigarettes, but always with a twist.
From then on, a lot of kids began to know what HardcorePunk and skateboarding were.

After the fanzine, the distribution of records, fanzines and cassettes went further. It was time to give it a name and it emerged READ MY LIPS.
Mailorder, packages, letters, flyers and a lot of communication with a lot of people from Spain and abroad.
The one (and only) release of READ MY LIPS was the cassette of USE OF ABUSE titled "Inside the live“.

It is then in the year 1998 when the idea of an own label gains strength.
Then the possibility of editing a CD with friendly bands from different parts of the Spanish geography arises. A plan that needs funds. So summer is the time to put coffee, beers, ice cream and serve many tables.
September arrives and with the wallet full of money, the first edition is outlined, a Split CD.  READ MY LIPS makes way for a new project.