Back in 1998...

Every story has a beginning. Regarding to DÍAS DE JUVENTUD it was the stuff written in a zine called GaZmuZ (formerly HOKUS POKUS) around the year 1991.

In Nigrán (Pontevedra), center of the Val Miñor, a bunch of young skaters began to listen HardcorePunk. It was the time when people from different places came to skate to the Miniramp of Terra Meiga and the fast, melodic and raw music was listened everywhere while ollies, flips and wipe outs came up with blood and plenty sweat.

Tapes of music were exchanged like cigarettes, but always with return.
From there many kids began to know what HardcorePunk and skateboarding was about.

After the zine, the distrolist went to more and further. So it was the moment to name this activity as READ MY LIPS.
Mailorder, boxes, letters, flyers and plenty communication with people all around Spain and abroad.
The one and only release of READ MY LIPS was the cassette of USE OF ABUSE titulado “Inside the live“.

Then in the year 1998 the idea of establishing an own record label takes place.
So the release of a split CD with several bands of friends arise in the very exact moment. This challenge needs funds. So the summer comes and it is time to serve ice creams, coffees, beers as a waiter in my sunny town.
At the end of the summer my pocket is full of fresh money so the highly anticipated release is coming. The Split CD.  READ MY LIPS makes way for a new project.

It is the rise of DÍAS DE JUVENTUD.

Bites of life